Who We Are

We’re Debit & Credit Your certified 3 Star Sales & Services Partner of Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, offering you India’s premier ERP business management software – TallyPrime, that specializes in providing end-to-end business solutions.

Do you wish to enhance the productivity of your business? Or maybe acquire industry specific product training?. Debit & Credit holds the required technology & expertise to curate your solutions. With an array of services like distribution, sales, customization, after-sale services, training & maintenance, we are capable of being your ideal business solutions partner.

About TallyPrime

At Tally, we believe in the power of technology to make business owners efficient, empowered and happier, so they can focus on what matters most for their business. We design our products to focus on just that – to make our products work for you, and not the other way around.

Our new product TallyPrime takes this to a new level, making your start to automation, or your switch to Tally simpler than ever before. You can now discover the product much more easily and make the product do more for you, without learning anything new. There is greater flexibility as the product adapts to your business and your way of working. And the transformed look and feel will only make you love the product even more.

Our Services

Our spectrum of services help Businesses to increase efficiency of their Team !

Tally Customization

Tally Software Service is a service within TallyPrime which provides enhanced capabilities such as product updates, data synchronization within branches and different locations, remote access services, access to support center and control center and various more functionalities in order to help you enhance your business performance.

Tally Training

The sheer scope of Tally is so vast that a majority of businesses and individuals never end up using more than a fraction of the program.  TallyPrime is loaded with features that help you manage your Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, Payroll and more. TallyPrime’s strong business management features have made it the top business solution for 95% of the businesses across the country. 

Tally Integration

Today’s businesses use a wide variety of applications for their daily functioning. These applications can be onsite or cloud-based. For example, your business might be using enterprise applications like a Zoho CRM, an HR & Benefits solutions, an Employee Management Systems and other software which help automate processes. 

Tally Support Services

Every company, large or small, needs an experienced product and subject matter expert to ensure that the product is being used to its maximum potential and the business is running with minimum downtime.With over 10 years as a 3 Star Certified Premier Tally Partner, Debit & Credit has the expertise to help you with all of your business needs. 

Get to know all about E-Invoicing and Experience how TallyPrime Simplifies it for you